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What are orthotics and how can they help me?

Your feet don't have to hurt anymore! Custom made orthotics are specialized insoles or “inserts” that make your feet happy all day long by taking the pressure off them. They also help relieve your back, hip and knee pain. Our orthotics are very thin and light weight – they fit easily and discreetly into your existing shoes and provide instant relief.

Am I covered?

If you have an insurance plan through your work or spouse's work, you are likely covered for orthotics. Most insurance plans allow for 1 pair of orthotics per year which can be prescribed by your physiotherapist or family doctor, depending on your specific health plan. Some plans even cover 1 pair of orthotic shoes or sandals per year. If you need help, call us and we will assist you.


Medical Legwear

We are the Authorized Dealer for JOBST Products, it is the #1 Physician Recommended brand.

While therapy is our first concern, we realize that comfort and style are also important to you. That is why we offer the sheerest in JOBST UltraSheer , the softest in JOBST Opaque , JOBST forMen and JOBST forMen Casual created with men in mind, and JOBST Relief , our lower cost brand.

A broad range of styles from knee, thigh high, waist, chaps, open and closed toe are manufactured to meet your needs in fashionable color choices.

Leg Health

Problems with the veins of the leg occur in both men and women of all ages but certain factors increase the risk of venous problems. Health conditions, lifestyle habits, heredity, injury, surgery, age, and pregnancy all play a role.

While you are unable to control heredity, age, surgery and changes during pregnancy, you can improve lifestyle factors through exercise, good posture, avoiding inactivity, choosing good fitting clothing and footwear, and wearing gradient compression hosiery that is right for you.